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Hello Kaasko Family!
Found some interesting questions to ask my guests , How do you like it :D

Host : Nikhil Vijayendra Simha
Participants : Chandini Chowdary and Karthik Sabareesh
DOP :Jones Katru and Aditya
Editor : Kumba Shivakumar
Publicity Designer : Durga Sai
#TamadaMedia #Wirally #Kaasko
If you also want to participate in these crazy challenges , do message your name and contact along with a picture to : kaaskoofficial@tamadamedia.com
Inkenti late ? Kaaskondi :D
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Kaasko साल पहले
Andharu Bagunnara? Wish you and your family a Happy Ugadi ❤️
Vasavi Chittineedi
Vasavi Chittineedi साल पहले
Hi Nikhil garu… Hope you are doing good. Happy Friendship Day… Please give us a chance to participate in your challenges… And I wish you all the Very Best to do Well………✌✌✌
tungala suresh
tungala suresh साल पहले
Kaasko similar questions were asked in suma’s cash etv show 😂😂
gayee lakshmi
gayee lakshmi साल पहले
Wish u the same
Vasthi Ammu
Vasthi Ammu साल पहले
Same too u
rajesh kumar talla
rajesh kumar talla साल पहले
Tq Anna same to u Anna I love your episodes anna
Uma maheswararao Tripurana
Uma maheswararao Tripurana 3 दिन पहले
All these r from cash I think
MK VLOG'S महीने पहले
You can do like:what's in jhanvi's phone
Kavya Bellapu
Kavya Bellapu महीने पहले
Mee video chusinappu Eppudu charge 2% e untadhi
Vyshnavi Rangaraju
Vyshnavi Rangaraju 3 महीने पहले
Bhaya nuvvu e questions cash program lo nunchi chusi teskunnav kadaa
Phani Eluri
Phani Eluri 5 महीने पहले
Bro nuvvu dare challenge with makeup cheyi
Harika Cherukuri
Harika Cherukuri 6 महीने पहले
I want to participate in your channel
Basavaraju Kotturi
Basavaraju Kotturi 7 महीने पहले
Chits challenge
Ameenas S
Ameenas S 8 महीने पहले
Sowmya Reddy
Sowmya Reddy 10 महीने पहले
Please bring omkar anna
Achyutha Reddy
Achyutha Reddy 10 महीने पहले
What is in janvi bag
Matla Srujana
Matla Srujana 11 महीने पहले
Anna mehaboob, sunaina, shannu velato vedio cheyande...
Aman Patro
Aman Patro साल पहले
crafty homes with hari
crafty homes with hari साल पहले
Mahathalli super...
Vasavi Chittineedi
Vasavi Chittineedi साल पहले
Eesaari TRUTH or DARE try cheyyandi Nikhil… ✌✌✌
K. Gireesh
K. Gireesh साल पहले
2:55 London is not a country
Aruna chekuri
Aruna chekuri साल पहले
karthik garu
Sri Sravanya
Sri Sravanya साल पहले
Nuvv naa mukha chooda ledikkada by Janu akka
budithi nikhil
budithi nikhil साल पहले
Water balloon challenge
Manoj Varma
Manoj Varma साल पहले
I wish that ee show inka inka success avvali 😊 all the best bro
Shilpa Reddy
Shilpa Reddy साल पहले
What is that suprised ☺😊
Dami Roy
Dami Roy साल पहले
Plzzz nikhil bro call Siddu hero of Ganga manga serial and pranavi manukonda
power full word of God
power full word of God साल पहले
Super video
chini chini
chini chini साल पहले
Good job! Bro we r enjoying looking your tasks
Anitha Matanam
Anitha Matanam साल पहले
Guys these questions are from cash program which is hosted by suma kanakala
manju karanam
manju karanam साल पहले
London is not a country.
potluri anusri
potluri anusri साल पहले
Try hair cut challenge
Karunakar Nooli
Karunakar Nooli साल पहले
The voice shake we should give some tasks
Karunakar Nooli
Karunakar Nooli साल पहले
They should sing,some proverb without anyfear
Mahesh .k
Mahesh .k साल पहले
Jai mahathalli.
Bhanu Tej
Bhanu Tej साल पहले
Same to u anna
Sai Keerthi Manchem
Sai Keerthi Manchem साल पहले
Plz bring girl formula vidya and divya
Nimishakavi Bhupaiah
Nimishakavi Bhupaiah साल पहले
Bro make challenge of that close the both of there eyes and keep any food iteam or something and tell them to guess this moukthika I like your games
Kiran Dora Thota
Kiran Dora Thota साल पहले
Bro please do the food challenge
sandhya m
sandhya m साल पहले
Same question in cash You us
Hi ❤🙂This is nice chaneel which we cant get bored while watching this chaneel kassco 👌i really love it congrates for more than 30 000 subscribers iam waiting for your next video 👌👍🙂And the call with janvi was crazy and questions was intresting 😍😍😍💜❤keep going best of luck👍👌😍🙂😃
Pravallika sweety
Pravallika sweety साल पहले
Phone call with jaanu is hilarious gud one 😂😂😂😂😂
Madhan mudhaliar
Madhan mudhaliar साल पहले
Yasaswitha Yerradoddi
Yasaswitha Yerradoddi साल पहले
Bro plz make a challenge about TRUTH OR DARE Who r agreed
something interesting
something interesting साल पहले
Karthik bro I have seen u in majili movie man your acting is amazing u have also started to act in movies as well and I wish u to get even more good opportunities all the best for a bright future ❤️
haritha vuyyuru
haritha vuyyuru साल पहले
Vidya and divya please😋😋😋😋😋😋
angel behind mask
angel behind mask साल पहले
Your challenger r really really entertaining 😁😁😁
Janvitha Krishna
Janvitha Krishna साल पहले
Which channel do karthik bhaiya have??
Lakshmisridevi gundlapalli
Lakshmisridevi gundlapalli साल पहले
I want pk and babloo
subhash Kumar
subhash Kumar साल पहले
Cash program lo questions use chasaru😂😂🤣🤣
Karthik Sharma
Karthik Sharma साल पहले
After listening the question s u have copied from cash program..
Anthyush Thalluri
Anthyush Thalluri साल पहले
Arey arey ae London country kadhu ra England ra country
Anthyush Thalluri
Anthyush Thalluri साल पहले
Manchi General Knowledge kooda
Anthyush Thalluri
Anthyush Thalluri साल पहले
Idhe aa continue chaye bro, ade mare bour kotasindi.
keerthi dommeti
keerthi dommeti साल पहले
My name manognaya and I want participate in your challenge
keerthi dommeti
keerthi dommeti साल पहले
Can you please take pair as Natasha and Jones
Kishore Ch
Kishore Ch साल पहले
natasha ....bro ....please
Jockob vemula Jesus
Jockob vemula Jesus साल पहले
Chandini smile chala bagundi...
Sindhu VB
Sindhu VB साल पहले
Make a blind fold and play pictogram The person draws something with blind fold n other should find..
N Padma Devi
N Padma Devi साल पहले
Bro do a mimicry challenge with gautami and natasha
Savithri Cherukupalli
Savithri Cherukupalli साल पहले
When you are talking stop the background music
Kotamohansrikanth Srikanth
Kotamohansrikanth Srikanth साल पहले
your eyes are looking other side at starting i like this show very much but plz change that its looking awkward
Keshav Mitra
Keshav Mitra साल पहले
Hari Namburu
Hari Namburu साल पहले
I want to patispate in kasko
Hemarao Donka
Hemarao Donka साल पहले
40K Subscriber it's Me....
Lakshmi Radhika
Lakshmi Radhika साल पहले
Anna malli jahnavi Akka and Sushanth Anna Ni pilipinchu please😁
are this questions from cash (suma akka programme)same questions
Elisha Bujji
Elisha Bujji साल पहले
Anna bumchick babloo and natasha
Do a video with Bumchick babloo and Dheraj
PK • Fury
PK • Fury साल पहले
Bring Shanmukh Anna And Deepthi Sunaina To Your Show And make a challenge of TRUTH AND DARE 👍
THE nnn
THE nnn साल पहले
Andaram baagunnam anna...... Ni videos kosam eppudu wait chestu untanu
Ettaboina Sridhar
Ettaboina Sridhar साल पहले
Madhava Dungala
Madhava Dungala साल पहले
Super Anna who are kaasko fans like here😍😍😍🤩
Anoop cs0202
Anoop cs0202 साल पहले
Aa camera switching enti bro, annoying editing
Kishore Bheemavarapu
Kishore Bheemavarapu साल पहले
Thammudu please choose some active guests.
Chipmunk YouTube Channel
Chipmunk YouTube Channel साल पहले
Anna truth or dare challenge anna
Lakshmi Prasad
Lakshmi Prasad साल पहले
Bro invite Vidya and divya from girl formula
Pacha Raju
Pacha Raju साल पहले
Bro plz do egg roulette challenge it will be very funny plz Anna I was asking it from ur first video plz
it was copied by cash ..1 round
gampala sai manogna
gampala sai manogna साल पहले
ee questions anni cash lo adiginavi
Hemalatha Dwadasi
Hemalatha Dwadasi साल पहले
Nikhil video awesome.... You are doing damn well
Hemalatha Dwadasi
Hemalatha Dwadasi साल पहले
Jaanu did u really fool everyone saying that you are pregnant 😨😨😨
Satish Rayudu
Satish Rayudu साल पहले
Geswar x3uql7s Eswar
Geswar x3uql7s Eswar साल पहले
please bring bumchick bablooo and pakkinti kuradu
Alekhya Dasharatha
Alekhya Dasharatha साल पहले
Entra babu Meru mee sollu show lu Thu 🤦‍♀️🙏🗣
JV SUBBARAO साल पहले
Aruna Jyothi
Aruna Jyothi साल पहले
Bro please ask Chandoo Sai to come to ur challenges
Nerusu Niharika
Nerusu Niharika साल पहले
London is a not a country
Divya Lakshmi ICON. REG
Divya Lakshmi ICON. REG साल पहले
This is boring bro so please do something funny
Jyothi Reddy
Jyothi Reddy साल पहले
Who is this chandni chowdary???
K Parthasaradhi
K Parthasaradhi साल पहले
2:44 London is not a country bro. It is a city :D
Sanjay Rohan
Sanjay Rohan साल पहले
Camera Kelli chudu
gayee lakshmi
gayee lakshmi साल पहले
I was watched this in big screen .By seeing I enjoyed a lot
satya bangaru
satya bangaru साल पहले
London is not a country bro..
Aruna Decharaju
Aruna Decharaju साल पहले
Karthik was in movie Majili beside the coach in flashback
MATH MAM साल पहले
Bro janu April fool is very funny
Aamukta साल पहले
7:56 oh such a coincidence! I was thinking about arjun reddy then
prempuli साल पहले
We need more content bro..no entertainment from this episode and also from last two episodes..plz bring some more contect and don't lag the dialoges bro..I like Your channel upto first 3 episodes and later on its become dull..!!👍🏻👍🏻
siva crafts
siva crafts साल पहले
l'm thinking she is not going videos
siva crafts
siva crafts साल पहले
did mahatali is doing videos
Victor Paul Kordoj
Victor Paul Kordoj साल पहले
cash program lo questions anni copy paste chestunnav ga bhayya
Suma Nandam
Suma Nandam साल पहले
potluri anusri
potluri anusri साल पहले
Bro keep a haifcut challenge
T.R.K Anudeep Xth B
T.R.K Anudeep Xth B साल पहले
Find the difference
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