Gravitas: India bans 59 Chinese apps | Tiktok, UC browser on the list

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Gravitas: India bans 59 Chinese apps | Tiktok, UC browser on the list
The Indian government has decided to ban 59 Chinese apps. TikTok, UC Browser, and WeChat are on the list. WION's Palki Sharma breaks down the Indian government's decision.
#Gravitas #ChineseApps #IndiaChina
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Sean Cai
Sean Cai 9 दिन पहले
China a non English speaking country are able to designed apps that are used by other countries, shitty India who speaks English comes up with nothing. Such a shame
REDDY CHANDRA 21 दिन पहले
Baned,. Baned,. Baned,. Chinese Cyber security system attack on every foreign Systems, around the world is,.
REDDY CHANDRA 21 दिन पहले
Baned,. Baned,. Baned,. Chinese 69 Apps and TIK TAKING, around the world immediately to
REDDY CHANDRA 21 दिन पहले
Thanks to Government of India🇮🇳🇮🇳👳 Baned,. Baned,. Baned,. Chinese products around the world immediately
Prabhakar Kharchane
Prabhakar Kharchane 24 दिन पहले
App band karke kya Mila ? unke product q nHi band karte ? Socho jara
imad sid
imad sid महीने पहले
thanks god no more worst people in my best apps :D
Beast In The House
Beast In The House महीने पहले
They are like just speaking in front of an war as live. Their voice and expression shows that😂
Dikka Devta
Dikka Devta महीने पहले
First of all why do two great Asian country should fight ? If India and china be friend they can win the world.
William Lee
William Lee महीने पहले
Modi is now standing on his knee in front of mighty China. India lost 59 military service men in the face off, and banned 59 Chinese APPs. One Indian per App, What a bargain!
Visva Muniandy
Visva Muniandy महीने पहले
Cripple de virus
Prashant Dound
Prashant Dound महीने पहले
Guru महीने पहले
Now they need to find an alternative to WPS office
Krista Mallari
Krista Mallari महीने पहले
Ban all china’s products bit by bit, strand by strand! Place this evil govt where it should!🤬
PHARMA GREEN महीने पहले
Any One After Wion Was Banned By China 😂🔥
Drop-dead Gamer
Drop-dead Gamer महीने पहले
They didn't ban PUBG which in NO.1
lokesh Vlog
lokesh Vlog महीने पहले
We have to boycott China because they are putting the world in poverty day by day so we have to teach them
Neel HCR2
Neel HCR2 महीने पहले
Even these apps are not working via VPN !
Velu G
Velu G महीने पहले
India can only defeat China online, LOL, in long run, India reckless action will further harm India to attract foreign investment, however, the politics is not for long version, this is very harmful nationalism, the average people will suffer but Modi will take advantage of this to divert from economic slash and corona failure, but low educated Hindu will not be able to follow.
Sachha Pyar
Sachha Pyar महीने पहले
Indian reserve has so much miney to give startups sufficient fund to create and run their own business. Think if govt allows every new startup come up with their business plan that opportuinity will be game changer
Sachha Pyar
Sachha Pyar महीने पहले
If foreign investment stops coming that will encourage the country start thinking to stand on its feet like usa china. That will be opportunity. Whole world is watching how china spread pandemic and stand with india. Great decisions requires great mind and guts. Atleast india is making now apps now its just start. Slowly slowly we will move forward in innovating and manufacturing as well then exporting other countries. We cant always think of profit. We have to start it somewhere so why not today???! Look usa china they dont need foreign investment they have their own. So india shud also follow them not only think of foreign investment
hello 789
hello 789 महीने पहले
India is afraid to be exposed that's why they did these. Boycott India products y'all❗
World of Fire
World of Fire 11 दिन पहले
Do you want some bat soup ?
yex xey
yex xey महीने पहले
You can still download the apps , just google the application click on the play Store link and tada no vpn required .
Sachha Pyar
Sachha Pyar महीने पहले
Loser its not working
Gremlin fifty
Gremlin fifty महीने पहले
Why was this recommended?
Sachha Pyar
Sachha Pyar महीने पहले
Why you came here
Prins Ricky
Prins Ricky महीने पहले
I wish rest of the world follow India's bans
Massive Mobile
Massive Mobile महीने पहले
h bbz
muhammad abdulrahman
muhammad abdulrahman महीने पहले
What a revenge more then 20 Indian soliders deaths.
Risk Life and Limb
Risk Life and Limb महीने पहले
Tiktok is a cancer for the society.
Anupma J
Anupma J महीने पहले
PM Modi's surgical strike on China. This is the beginning.
Sílvio Fiúza
Sílvio Fiúza महीने पहले
A small step for India. A giant leap for mankind
Abhi Pawar
Abhi Pawar महीने पहले
FileShare is perfect replacement to xender and shareit. It is only 4MB app with 50MBPS transfer speed and no ads. @t
Alan Ye
Alan Ye महीने पहले
Do India has 5g? Maybe India goes to Nokia or Ericsson for help. Another kiss ass country.
Sachha Pyar
Sachha Pyar महीने पहले
We dont need now sony or nokia now. We have jio coming up with 5g tech soon this september.. loser
shaurya ksl
shaurya ksl महीने पहले
Anony mous bro atleast give him 50 cents for his comment
Anony mous
Anony mous महीने पहले
Better than Chinese bootlicking for sure china bot
Racist Asian
Racist Asian महीने पहले
Tik tok ban-best ever😍 Pubg still not ban y??
Greyhawkism महीने पहले
Boycott Google as they are in China's pocket.
kamalakar A
kamalakar A महीने पहले
Hope Philippines will also do this.
Dokunga ralte
Dokunga ralte महीने पहले
Please unban mobile legends
Charles Maersk
Charles Maersk महीने पहले
I hope the whole world will follow
Ken Mc Leod
Ken Mc Leod महीने पहले
India ban your POVERTY and get rid of your disgraceful CLASS SYSTEM ! Labelling human beings UNTOUCHABLES!
Ravi M
Ravi M महीने पहले
Banning apps is not enough we have lost the lives of 20 Soldiers, this kind of bullshit action is not enough. Military action has to be replied with military action.
shaurya ksl
shaurya ksl महीने पहले
Ja jake lad le
A K MONDAL महीने पहले
Why is it still on after the band
Ajay G Ahuja
Ajay G Ahuja महीने पहले
Good Beginning by Govt of India. Boycott China
Mick Bryan
Mick Bryan महीने पहले
just make sure you keep it going
Santos Haber
Santos Haber महीने पहले
This means war......
Victor Handus
Victor Handus महीने पहले
Gooooooood move.. india... Yeehey!
Astha Sinha
Astha Sinha महीने पहले
I know right 😄😄😄
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie महीने पहले
Good for them, India is based.
Arshad Mohammed
Arshad Mohammed महीने पहले
Honestly l didn't expect much from a country where drinking cow unrine is considered as corona vaccine
Anees Khan
Anees Khan महीने पहले
It is a disease dragon country we do not want anything from china disease dragon country.😠😠😠😠
Mohammad Jahid Hasan Hemel
Mohammad Jahid Hasan Hemel महीने पहले
India has done a great job and hail to you for your four an half mins effort to make this job great.
dolphinrose21 महीने पहले
Indian techies are so busy working for usa companies that we can't even make our own tik tok
Pandora Ozoxy
Pandora Ozoxy महीने पहले
Hail India
i blocked ads watching this video.
i blocked ads watching this video. महीने पहले
This is excellent! I hate India, but I hate China more. I support India in this war.
YATOGAMI महीने पहले
Indians are IT enthusiasts. They are more credible than Chinese.
June महीने पहले
Happy that Software engineer will rise in India much more 😇 🧡
Mechasizer महीने पहले
India should counter China's growing influence from technology to diplomatic relations to other countries! INDIA SHOULD STEP UP AGAINST CCP CHINA! Love from the Philippines!
A mere Imitation
A mere Imitation महीने पहले
yehh Grt Job Our good prime minister .Life of 20 soldiers equals 59 Apps . Finally acche din came . (Disinformation should not be a substitute for diplomacy . )
BOOM BOOM महीने पहले
Binoy Dmello
Binoy Dmello महीने पहले
Why not Paytm?
Daniel Edmonds
Daniel Edmonds महीने पहले
India has a massive pool of IT talent . They should build their own technology infrastructure finally. Its time for India to rise up and take china's place.
Idiot Gamer
Idiot Gamer महीने पहले
Good job india❤🇮🇳
Pablo Rodríguez
Pablo Rodríguez महीने पहले
In little moths India has shown that it has what it takes to replace China globally. Bravo India well done!!
venkatasurya vanacharla
venkatasurya vanacharla महीने पहले
Boycott china all products mobiles also 📵
Dream Chaser
Dream Chaser महीने पहले
Thas why that tiktoc girl took her own life 💭