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Omg! I am so thankful for this video. I was contemplating getting a plug in mosquito repellent only today and watching this has not only saved me but my 1 and 3 year old daughters and my husband from health problems. Extremely grateful for your incredibly insightful work Vivek-ji. One more thing I discovered last year but forgot about was using a touch of lavender essential oil on the clothes or waistline level on the bed also repels mosquitoes. Does exposure to lavender oil have any ill effects? Please advise. Forever grateful Vivekji 🙏
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I'm rajas guna by ayurvedic constitution. But my 10 years yoga practice and ayurvedic lifestyle makes me act more or less sattvic now and then. I am content. This is what I wanted to achieve.
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Due to busy schedules and also in AC environment all day, if not possible to get vitamin D by exposure to sun in morning , what is another way to maintain vitamin D..?
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Thank u so much Vivek Ji...May you earn a lot of blessings....As you provide the public a lot of useful information which they are absolutely unaware of....And that to relating to all the aspects of health, beauty, mind... You have transformed & will transform many lives in future...Keep Growing & make us grow through Your useful information...God Bless😊🙏
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You haven't left any product that we use in our daily lives and not qouted it as toxic 😌 the products with decent ingredients are not able to do their marketing and these toxic products have made a safer place in our homes in all these years. Why is even our Govt Approving these products to flow in the market. Paise ka chakkar hai kya babu bhaiya 🤷‍♀️
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