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Last to leave Wins 1 Lakh | Khel Lakho ka - Episode 01 | Lalit Shokeen Films
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Last to leave the swimming pool wins 1 lakh rupees. Enjoy the first episode of reality show 'Khel Lakho Ka' #lalitshokeen ...
Audition Day at LShokeen Films🎥  | Rakhi Lohchab |
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Enjoy and Share this Vlog! #rakhilohchab #lshokeenfilms #vlog8 Follow me on Instagram: ...
Khel Lakho Ka - Official Trailer | New Reality Show by Lalit Shokeen |
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This is the Official Trailer of upcoming reality Show 'Khel Lakho Ka' by Lalit Shokeen #khellakhoka #lalitshokeen #realityshow ...
Students vs Teacher | Online Classes Siyapa | Lalit Shokeen Films
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Aajkal online classes chal rahi hai school mein.. Dekhiye students aur teachers kya Siyapa kar rahe hai !! #onlineclasses ...
Saaley ki Shaadi in Boston | Vlog 04 | Lalit Shokeen Films
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Bahut hi unique Shaadi hui mere Saaley ki Boston mein.. This is the fourth Vlog of 15 Vlogs in 30 days Challenge. Watch till end ...
Golgappe ke Deewane - | Lalit Shokeen Films |
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this video is for all people who love Golgappe :) Enjoy and Share the video with your friends and family!! Subscribe us on ...
America ke Baago mein Desi Indian Family | VLOG 06 | Happy Independence Day | Lalit Shokeen
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Aaj aapko America ke baago mein ghumayenge.. Wish you all a very Happy Independence day! #lalitshokeen #15vlogs30days ...
We Slept in a New York Jungle | 15 VLOGS 30 DAYS Challenge | Lalit Shokeen
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We are taking a Challenge of 15 VLogs in 30 Days. Ye pehla VLOG hai jismein hum New York ke ek Jungle mein jake camping ...
Ek Darawani Raat | Room no. 101 - Horror Story | Lalit Shokeen Films
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A group of friends visit Lal Haveli, What happened next.. Watch till end to understand the full story - Ek Darawani Raat | Room 101 ...
Maa ka Pyar - Mother's Day Special - | Lalit Shokeen Comedy |
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Our Mother always love us, no matter what! Share if you agree!! Subscribe for other videos by Lalit Shokeen: FACEBOOK: ...
Desi Parents in PTM - School Days | Lalit Shokeen Films |
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Types of Desi Parents in Parent Teacher Meetings in School. #lalitshokeen #schooldays Contact for advertising and business ...
If Google was a Haryanvi Taai - | Lalit Shokeen Films |
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Agar google Haryanvi Taai hoti toh kya hota!! Hasi ka dhamaka! watch till end and Subscribe LShokeen Films now!! Contact for ...
Desi Janta at Barber Shop - | Lalit Shokeen Films
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Enjoy the types of Desi Janta at Barber Shop. Watch till end and Subscribe now!! #lalitshokeen #barbershop #lshokeenfilms ...
We lost oldest team member today | Vlog 05 | Lalit Shokeen
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World's end park in Boston is a beautiful place, Also we lost the oldest member of our team today. Watch till end and Share!
Finally a Singer in our Family | Vlog 07 | Lalit Shokeen
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15 Vlogs in 30 Days Challenge. this is Vlog 07 #lalitshokeen #vlogs Contact for advertising and business enquiries: Email: ...
Life of Rich vs Middle Class People - | Lalit Shokeen Films |
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Enjoy the funny differences between lifestyle of Rich and Middle Class people #lalitshokeen #lshokeenfilms #diwali Games Khelo ...
First Kiss After Lockdown - | Lalit Shokeen Films
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A big kissing twist in the end! First kiss after lockdown - Enjoy and Share! #lalitshokeen #firstkiss Contact for advertising and ...
The Mad House | Episode 01 - Lockdown | Lalit Shokeen Films
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Introducing a new comedy web series 'The Mad House' Episode 01 is about how Tinku and his family is handling the lockdown ...
Kya Apple Churana Paap hai? | Vlog 03 | Lalit Shokeen
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We stole a Apple from a New York Baag. This is the third Vlog of 15 Vlogs in 30 days Challenge. Watch till end and Enjoy!